Adult supplies electricity supplier how to do Huang Tiancai people want to talk about sex

due to the long feudal culture, leading to the modern Chinese people, sex is still a secret topic, can only be used to do, but can not say. Then as the rigid demand Adult supplies, how to break the traditional concept of open up their own price? Huang Tian Cai have their own ideas.

2014.7.4 fifth phase Author: Han di

is different from other Adult supplies electricity supplier price, only the mobile terminal, no PC and no line shop, but is such a APP, annual sales reached about twenty million. Backed by the tide of mobile Internet, Huang Tiancai found their own wealth in adult products.

from bankers to business failure, and then start the 1985 young man took to "uncle aunt who engaged in the Adult supplies industry? The entrepreneurial mind tells you Huang Tian Cai road of entrepreneurship.

to do half a year before telling family

was born in 1985, Huang Tian Cai, after graduation to enter a local bank, although has the good performance, with a generous salary, but he was still in the many people do not understand the eyes chose to resign, founded a local group purchase website. In 2011, the rise of the group purchase website, public comment, the U.S. group, Wowo, rice defeated another small group purchase network, Huang fiscal group purchase websites are no exception. This year, he had sold to Wo Wo Group group purchase network. In the millions of dollars to get Wo Wo Group after he started a O2O project "save", but in the end because of funds, personnel and other reasons, the failure of the project.

money to burn almost, the team only five or six people, the company once broke down. The plight of Huang Tian Cai had to be from Xiamen downtown building out, in the vicinity of the village rented a private house, for the staff of the office and the use of life. He also moved out of the rented apartment, living in the village has never been in the village.

"we have computer, printer these things into the village, rent a house, five or six people live together, a month 1800." Huang told reporters, "I do not know if you have lived in that house, the village built their own, a lot of people living in the building."

village life monotonous and repeated, go to work, work outside, Huang Tiancai will be in the village. The village collects all kinds of people, every kind of shops are crowded in the narrow alley to attract business, rotten fruit, 4 dollars a bowl of noodles, street Stinky tofu taste mixed together. Huang Tiancai saw a different world than before. In the narrow wet alley, always see several bright red ambiguous stores, half open shutter, the other half curtain covered, as is not to let people know what line of business, the door is hung with flashing signs, write "Adult supplies". A yellow day unexpectedly, so not take it seriously, ambiguous store almost ten.


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