What kind of website is the most profitable in the future

Internet is evolving in the use of the network of people to determine the direction of the development of the Internet, which is what determines the site in the future can become mainstream.

so, what is the next step of the network, what kind of site in the future will become the most profitable site?

because of the Internet people decide the future network form. Therefore, we can do business in the laboratory to analyze the current and future network and website.

before 2000 when the network started, everyone will not use the network, it is a blank period, these characteristics determine the Sohu such as Sina portal, QQ Tencent such communication tools has become the mainstream, this is the same HAO123 ". Because they fill a gap, it is because a radish a blank, so it is impossible to imitate their people and their achievements.

is now second times, because of Internet has changed the nature of the use, we have been familiar with the network, began to use the network to solve their own side of the problem, because the online payment becomes convenience, so search and shopping has become the main stream now. This has led to the search engine and shopping network has become the real support of the Internet economy. Because ordinary people began to pay, the Internet at this time began to profit. Making money using the Internet is also possible.

third period is the near future period, with the Internet more closely with ordinary people, the reality of the business structure will be affected, e-commerce era will come true. People of the region and the sense of space and time will be eliminated, the price collection is one of the two important factors to consider when buying goods residents. During this period, the most important is the most important site is the most profitable website. Credit website is a network system to provide goods display and credit guarantee. This site may (or may be) included in the physical store, to deal with a variety of credit problems. Web services may be another booming industry. They provide advice to residents and professional credit guarantee services. At this time, the Internet has developed a number of free race, because of their income from the network, so no need to be fixed in a city, and can choose, free travel.

because of the thought and consciousness caused by the change of electronic commerce, the situation will be completely beyond our imagination, the most profitable emerging industries and the future is likely to be divorced from the Internet, the Internet network will become the foundation. Therefore, the success of the entrepreneurial network, we must focus on industry, concerned about the people around the ideological and awareness changes in order to seize the opportunity to take off.

this article because of the normal use of the Internet for ordinary people, so deliberately ignored the game industry, because the game industry is very special, must be studied separately.

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