Analysis on how to plan the future development of personal webmaster

with the rapid development of the Internet, most people are aware of the Internet is a gold mine, resulting in a large number of individual webmaster into the Internet in this circle. However, to be able to stick to the end, but very few, really can be divided into a cup of soup can have a few? Then as a personal webmaster how to plan the future development of the road?

personal Adsense gradually turned team

remember once the only teacher said: "the future direction of development should be from individual to team". Because the power of the team will always be more powerful than your personal strength. Firstly, Zhang Shoujin believes that as individual owners want a quick profit that is not possible, then can fast profits will lead you to fund to maintain their livelihood, will eventually work not completed. And as a personal webmaster, the rest of the sleep time and all aspects of the team has no advantage, we recommend that everyone should take the road team.

more than fine. More complex

a lot of personal webmaster will appear this kind of situation, understand the technology has a lot of, but proficient in a door and not a few. This situation, including myself, has been in the past. Many individuals will be related to the SEO optimization, micro-blog marketing, marketing, marketing and so diverse marketing model. Want to learn these marketing model to achieve their own marketing effect. There is a focus on the so-called surgery, where Zhang Shoujin suggested that we should focus on one, the other as an auxiliary. Otherwise it will backfire.

branding strategy

whether it is to build a personal brand, or to create enterprise brand. The brand can help you save honor, image, authority, etc. it can be said that with the influence of the brand you will be more convenient to do in the future. For example, you want to find someone to optimize your website for you, you are choosing an even have heard of people to help? Or choose only to find the teacher to help? The answer is believed to have apparent


more than a few points just a little bit of advice Zhang Shoujin, as for the individual owners should be planning the future development of the road that depends on the individual’s ideas. Maybe you are relatively strong, can not run together! Good share so few points, if can’t speak right I hope you do not Paizhuan can! The real name network marketing team Zhang Shoujin casually prepared text link address http://s. Yintemei. Net welcome to reprint, changed the name of friends renamed


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