Talk about why the failure of the old Adsense easier to succeed

with the development of the Internet, out of a large number of new owners, and in these new owners have the right to the rich, are numerous, so the old webmaster of this title was gradually forgotten, in fact, the Internet with real life, the old webmaster have a novice webmaster incomparable advantage, new the webmaster can not feel pleased with oneself, a little achievement is carried away, you know the old Internet webmaster can succeed because they have more opportunities to experience the failure and the accumulation of technology advantage, advantage of accumulated contacts.

a, failure is not terrible, terrible is not know after the failure of summary

what is not easy, as well as operations on the Internet website, perhaps on our website on this road has run a few years did not succeed, but this does not matter, as long as know how to find out the reasons from the failure of the website in succession, then I think we will succeed, and this success comes from failure experience and lessons.

remember the beginning I do a web site or 07 years, at that time the Internet is not so complicated, people are relatively simple, the first site I do is travel website, website no three months will not open, I was on the Internet to search for information and cause the website will not open, summed up the most important website construction is to stabilize the host, so there are second stable website website was born. While this is a small thing, but from this small thing we can see to learn a lesson from the failure is the most important, as it is everyone will experience failure, we do not need to care too much.

two, the technology is not terrible, terrible is low technology do not know how to learn


who is born is the master, the Internet site is the same, whether you are new or old webmaster webmaster, we will step by step to start, the old owners are more likely to succeed, because they will learn from their continuing failure to the new management method of new technology or. Not long ago when the exchange in the QQ group a before entering the Internet entrepreneurs, spent 10 thousand yuan of money to build up stations and multi server technology is the starting volume, from which we can get the information is: why can successfully roll out fundamentally or because they don’t understand technology entrepreneurs. So the old webmaster failed many times, but as long as you stick to it than the new owners the chance of success is too much, don’t underestimate our ability, we do not lack the ability, but the slightest opportunity.

three, low connections is not terrible, terrible is not known to accumulate low


network is very useful in real life, people is a kind of resources in the Internet, the new owners if you are to enter the Internet, I estimate you the hands of the contacts will not exceed 2 digits, with very low network impact on their website business, and the old webmaster don’t like their annual accumulation in the Internet the network can use three bit.


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