Report 63 illegal government website to the M (9 new)

2006.12.03 note: Today added 9 illegal sites, in the end of the directory. 9 sites are mainly around the Internet association and communications authority, the website from the China Internet Association website link:

these should be the coordination and management of Internet filing matters Department has himself violated the MII thirty-third orders, so fantastic.

in addition, there are two record number China Internet Association Web site at the bottom, which are "Beijing ICP No. 363", "Beijing ICP No. 05006316, before a record number no link, do not check the record information, after a link can be found in the record information. China Internet association website:


1, legal documents:

· Internet information service management approach

· measures for the administration of archival filing of non operating Internet information services (Order No. thirty-third of the Ministry of information industry of the People’s Republic of China)

2, the above legal documents on the "business" and "non operating" Internet information services are defined as follows:

3, according to the above legal documents, determine the government website belong to non operating Internet information service, that is, non operating website".


where business websites record their logo are "ICP card", such as Sina as the "Beijing ICP license 000007" Tom "Beijing ICP license No. 010287", Yahoo "Beijing ICP license No. 000022" Taobao "ICP card: Zhejiang B2-20050291, Alibaba is Zhejiang ICP license B2>


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