Novice Taobao passengers to improve the ranking and weight of three short-term experience

I am a university majoring in computer professional is not 23 years old, as a construction site today rookie introduce yourself this year in the Taobao customer experience, at present my monthly income of Taobao passenger stable at around 5000. I introduced the experience is more than a year to summarize the practical experience, although not on the night of revenge, but for those anxious Taobao guest novice has great reference. More than a year of experience, I mainly summed up the novice just beginning to contact Taobao customers and new sites to improve the ranking and weight of 3 short-term experience.

the first point, if the basic knowledge of simple website optimization.


at the end of 2009 when the guest contact Taobao, the so-called SEO is utterly ignorant of. It was the University of the third grade, every day a lot of spare time, and their love of web design things, always dream can have a personal website, so inadvertently met A5 webmaster. Just in November, the website propaganda website optimization training, see the top of the post training, see the fee is relatively low, and the training is relatively good word-of-mouth click register. In a period of course teacher (2010 the morning breeze and the lingering moon was honored in Shanghai earlier in the Shanghai station will be the scene and he made a brief exchange, memories).

is also at that time the formal contact site optimization knowledge, begin to understand Links about and understand what is the reverse link, to know how to choose the site title and set keyword, keyword density, understand understand user experience. Modaobuwukanchaigong, key steps and detailed understanding of SEO, can let us in the actual operation of the project to better seize the key, more targeted.

second points: to ensure the quality of the original article

began to operate the first breast products project, I went to the country’s relatively large number of beauty sites and women’s Web site, collected a lot of practical products related topics and women’s attention to the characteristics of the product. Then targeted about 50 original articles, this article took me 50 days to a week, although it is very time consuming, but a month later, the day really brought me a relatively stable site traffic. Online site, a total of 40 original articles, six months after the site published a total of 550 articles about the amount of Baidu included more than 570, of which there are 90% of the articles are my original finishing. After six months of continuous publication of the original article, I do breast enhancement products have achieved the top three ranking Baidu.

third points: reasonable use of links and external links.

as a novice contact Taobao customer side, website resources are limited, the forum group, blog group and the purchase of the chain is not suitable for our Wangzhuan novice. Link construction I mainly from three aspects: the first is the forum signature: link construction I use the model is mainly in some


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