Beware of Baidu Trojan Click to destroy the future

click fraud has been plagued by the development of search engines, is showing a growing trend. Last month, the end of the month, rising is warned recently more than a year, rising global anti virus monitoring network intercepted Clicker (clicker) virus is increasing with the geometric progression, involving all the major pay per click advertising. At the same time, Clicker virus is just click fraud is the easiest way to make a profit, a variety of ways to make the virus economy. Click on the prevalence of fraud, resulting in the interests of the online advertisers can not be guaranteed, countless advertising costs into the pockets of others, did not receive the desired results.

The prevalence of

click fraud is associated with the "pay per click" online advertising model. The so-called "pay per click" advertising (CPC) is based on the number of clicks to be paid advertising, advertising is mainly paid for each click of the ad. One of the most typical is the search engine keyword advertising, Baidu alliance Baidu bidding advertising and Google advertising alliance AdSense for Content belong to this.

Trojan click device appears, indicating that click fraud has been rampant. Like rogue software, click fraud online advertising has formed an industrial chain. Trojan click type virus spread, it is behind the huge benefits. In the industry chain, put pay to click on ads advertisers is to pay for the victims, many false hits; virus makers can benefit from every click, and lucrative, can not to rush into danger, illegal production of the Trojan virus to develop click fraud.

click fraud prevailed, resulting in damage to the interests of the majority of advertisers, already Voices of discontent. China’s largest pay per click advertising model – Baidu bidding advertising, including group events, judicial proceedings in recent years have focused on "click fraud" occurred. But Baidu is still ignored, has repeatedly claimed to take effective measures to prevent click fraud, in fact, not too much, click fraud does not reduce. This is with Baidu in the click fraud event is also a beneficiary of the interests of the relationship, although the click of the fraud has been a certain amount of money, but these are paid from the advertisers to Baidu’s advertising costs.

click fraud for non Baidu, Baidu can not stay out of it?. It should be said that the prevalence of click fraud with Baidu’s advertising model has a relationship. It is to take the Baidu Baidu alliance, will own auction ads on other sites placed on the page, click after into, for many small and medium-sized site owners can from Baidu for advertising a slice. This has also led to the current situation of click fraud prevalent. Imagine if, in addition to Baidu, no one can benefit from the keyword advertising click, which is of no profit, no one took great pains to develop "clicker".

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