Entrepreneurs how to have their own high-quality connections

Abstract: want to mix good venture capital circles, summed up is 3 points: character, professional and personality. Good character is the foundation of all things, a strong professional degree is you removed from the lakes "weapons", and unique personality is to let other people remember your "Nirvana".

I believe that for many people, operating their own contacts circle is to achieve a simple goal: to become the most professional and top "pimp". Because when you become connected a circle (commonly known as "pimp"), all resources will be in your hands, and you also have the resources to connect and maximize the value of the "magic".

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in venture capital circles me.but experience, is 3 words: "the most exquisite pimp mixed circle". However, the circle is not so easy to see, the depth of the water inside is absolutely unimaginable. Because I got reason of learning at home and abroad and work in many circles: from American universities, alumni associations circle circle, circle to the Silicon Valley and Standford Berkeley programmers students circle, to venture capital, the domestic media circles. I think so many circle mixed down or pulled out some mixed circle and business contacts in the doorway, I will share my experience:


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1 personality, character, personality, the important thing to say three times: the character is not good you do not mix in the venture capital circle. As the saying goes, "it’s not that the time has not come."". Venture capital circle itself is small, if you do not know the character of the people will soon know, and the reputation of the venture capital circle is very obvious, your reputation is bad in the future will be more and more difficult in this circle.

character good example we can look at the founder of Reid LinkedIn Hoffman. Hoffman is the "PayPal Gang" members, author of "crucial relationships" and "the alliance" and other books, known as the "king of Silicon Valley network", is one of Silicon Valley’s most will be mixed circle of people. Before me, because the working relationship had a face-to-face interview with Hoffman, he gave me a deep impression: Hoffman is a very shy person and even some amiable and easy of approach, no world famous Internet Co president shelf, also did not show a tiny bit domineering in front of my this 90 small reporter answered our questions have been very patient and seriously, and some large domestic shelf did not CEO contrast. After finishing the interview with Hoffman, I finally understand why he can become the "Silicon Valley network king": the fat uncle character is really too good! No one will refuse to have good character and people become friends, this is the secret of success of Reid Hoffman.


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