The ten laws of making good wives with Taobao customers5 years of business losses 420 million, Luo Y

6, you must remember, do not easily buy those Taobao guest procedures, if you can understand all of the code inside, then there is nothing. If you don’t get to this level, you’d better learn how to do it.

5, do not believe that through the blog can promote Taobao! Darling, you know, Sina blog blog Sohu belongs to Cao Guowei, belongs to Zhang Zhaoyang, want to engage in these things under the roof of others? May start lucky to be able to earn a little money, but the popularity after being blocked, then you you really want to cry but no tears!

, but since 2012, and hammer technology has been going through 5 years, hammer technology and Luo Yonghao can be said to be very difficult. 2016, hammer technology "bankrupt" 6 times, "acquired" 5 times, "his own fans sued" 1 times, and even in the hammer M1 conference the day before, there are still rumors NetEase hammer was acquired.

2, if you are willing to do it, then you have to be prepared for a protracted war, you know, although many people earn money through Taobao, but you also want to know that this world will not be pie. Do you understand the hard work behind them,

Luo Yonghao, a man with only two years of record of formal schooling, has done physical work in a construction site. He has laid a stall and made futures, and his resume is very complicated.

Abstract: the person with only two years of record of formal schooling has done physical work in the construction site, placed a stall and made futures, and his popularity has benefited from the eloquence of genius. His lecture was humorous and humorous, and the three sentence was far from idealism. It was welcomed by New Oriental students. The student passed his class to the Internet and became his first pot of gold.

Pro for nuts, Luo Yonghao smug. He said that after the interview, unless there are more than 95% year can hammer natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, to achieve profitability.

recently, the 2016 annual report of Su ningyun released more let the hammer technology one disaster after another. Su Ningyun accounted for 1.89% of hammer technology.

Luo Yonghao was the devil English review, and give the New Oriental President Yu Minhong wrote a letter words, and after the three trial, in 2001, he finally.

, for the first time, he stepped into the public view, speaking from the identity of the New Oriental English teacher. Why would he want to go to New Oriental as an English teacher? There are two reasons for it. One is the attractive annual salary of the new oriental legend, and the other is the idealistic banner erected by the New Oriental when it was founded.


net red Luo Yonghao



Ma Yun’s ability is really not covered, and Taobao customers began only about 2 years, and now there are hundreds of thousands of people crazy about it. My classmates some time ago earned three digit by Taobao, he is very happy and said to me: "I want to use Taobao money off, to marry a beautiful wife!" he is 23, have not talked about love, please forgive his naive… As my guest Taobao veteran, Taobao has been set off from until now, has accumulated a lot of experience, I summed up the ten rules below Taobao off the success of money, bring a little help for those who want to engage in this industry novice.

4, eldest brother elder sister, if you really want to make a lot of money through the Taobao customer, you should at least learn a little knowledge of website, will do a simple Taobao off site? Your own website, it is equivalent to have their own base! Our ancestor said, revolutionary base. Is relying on the survival and development of guerrilla warfare. You have your own small station, that’s the point.

business for 5 years, a loss of 420 million, Luo more and more like a businessman. And he has always advertised the "feelings" in the face of reality is vulnerable, broken ground.

3, you have to be clear, those who bask in their own income over 100% people, have their own purposes. They either advertise their Taobao site, or sell their source code, or their mother’s own home. You’re earning over a million a month. Would you tell me how to do it,

hammer technology can be driven by the nuts pro, how far we go, we do not know, time will give us the answer.

1, you know where to promote Taobao off? Recognize your potential customers goods it? If it is to sell lipstick china military forum, forum to Ruili sell razor, then I tell you, even if you are posting to the end, is not enough to earn 20 dollars.

May 9th, manager Luo Yonghao once again stood in front of products into the 45 year old middle-aged watershed, in the fifth year of the hammer technology coming crossed time has brought fifth mobile phone nuts Pro, this is a hammer technology following the T series, M series of nuts, after a series of fourth.

2016, hammer technology revenue 809 million, net loss of 427 million yuan; in 2015, hammer technology operating income of 1 billion 187 million yuan, net loss of 247 million yuan. Compared to 2015 and 2016 years of data, hammer technology revenue is reduced, while net loss is increasing, reflecting the existence of hammer technology in the deterioration of the status quo.

8, if you do a single product promotion, then you have to pick those commissions! I used to put a shoe pad on my friend’s website

7, 3 months no income is normal, do not send a few days post to earn hundreds of dollars off! If Taobao is really so good, then I tell you, beggars are not to beg, the civil service does not go to work, Wu Song did not go to the tiger.


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