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, other features of a single page of Taobao site is off, due to the single promotion of goods, in order to improve the conversion rate, must reflect the professional website, therefore, this type of website is dedicated customer service and users to communicate online, answer the user’s questions, purchase of goods by users, improve the turnover rate. So, if you want to do this kind of new Taobao off site, with the proposed selection system of single page type guest program, completes the creation and optimization of the SEO, and update the list of products, but also a very important point is to have a more in-depth understanding of their promotion of products.

dear webmaster friends:

now extended as follows:

1, the YAHOO search promotion plan, extended to 07 years in December 31st.
2, YAHOO business search, extension program extended to 07 years in September 30th.
3, YAHOO bidding, promotion plan extended to 07 years in December 31st.
4, YAHOO music, promotion program extended to 07 years in September 30th.
5, YAHOO assistant, extension program extended to 07 years in September 30th.
6, YAHOO pictures, promotion plan extended to 07 years in August 31st.

normal extension code without replacement, please continue to put.

Ali Alliance

This is the website of

mentioned above ranking is not good, mainly because in recent years, the number of single page do Taobao off site surge, greatly increased the level of competition, so popular keywords, now more and more single page type Taobao guest website to increase the system, its purpose is to increase search engine the amount collected and updated snapshot, and through the pseudo original, or increase the keyword density and anchor text and other means in the article, the keywords SEO, in order to strive for the goal of user traffic more. The same keywords, ranking in the first few pages of search engines, single page Taobao guest website, are all with the article system of single page Taobao guest website.




one, single page Taobao guest website

League address:

such sites to promote Taobao hot single products, more common form is in the form of product charts presented to the user, such as weight loss drug list, beauty care products list, and so on. The earliest single page Taobao guest website, basically only a single page, so the investment is relatively small, you only need to buy a virtual machine, a domain name can have their own single page Taobao guest website. This kind of website without too much content to support, so the amount collected is generally not too large, the website traffic mainly depends on SEO optimization of long tail words, such as "the best medicine reducing weight", "Taobao is the most popular cosmetics and skincare products etc.. More typical website, you can go to sh419 or shlf1314 search "weight loss drug list" this keyword, and then ranked on the 10 page, ~20 page, or even more after the site, mostly this kind of web site.

two, class API Taobao guest website

to help sellers the promotion of goods and in accordance with the Commission’s turnover or website, formerly known as Amoy, since January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers. Taobao customers through 2~3 years of development, has become a relatively shaped industry, Taobao customers living for a few. So today I will take about 2 years of Taobao customer experience, to analyze the common types of the Taobao guest website, to give interested in this industry novice a general impression, to help them get started quickly.


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