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Abstract: the United States raised gradually toward the vertical, focus on some large industries, such as real estate, consumer goods, is also a form of creditor’s rights and equity, which is the China crowdfunding website can be used for reference. These sites are not established in a short time, most of them in more than 2 years, but in fact, from the amount of fund-raising, it is not very large.


all chips are very familiar with everyone, but also the domestic equity Jingdong all chips, the congregation raised the network and many other types of public raising sites. This visit to the United States without high visibility has two companies: Angel s List (focus on angel to raise public equity (focus) and Kickstarter hardware and innovative products to raise public equity), but see the vertical industry several interesting platform to raise public. Discuss it here.

shares five companies today, namely, CircleUp, Applepie, Capital, Wefunder, Capital, Patreon, RealtyShares



was established in 2011 and is positioned as the platform for all the consumer brands. The company has accumulated financing of $23 million, investors include the famous Union, Squre, Ventures, Cannon, Partners, Google, Ventures and so on.

CircleUp is the lead + cast mode, the platform charge about 5% commission.

company helps consumer brands to carry out equity financing services, the company valuation is generally in accordance with P/S (price / Sales), more conservative, lower than the open market average.

is the important driving force: 1. with the evolution of the American consumer market as well as the millennial generation has gradually become the main consumer market, the need for more subdivision, or new consumer brands, such as organic food; early stage 2. consumer brands in the private market embarrassing, VC major investment in high-tech and medical health, the majority of PE the investment project; CircleUp value for investors is consumer goods relatively stable return; for raising value of equity financing: 1. fast and efficient; 2. to the part of the user to provide a sense of participation opportunity. 5 main consumer products: yogurt, coffee, bath products, skin care products, instant service products.

CircleUp cumulative help more than 100 brands raised more than $100 million, an average of about 1 million, about $1.

has a detail innovation, the product has a trading room, in which users can see many of the company’s due diligence information, and can arrange with the company CE>


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