Recommended respond to the king of the soft Wen discussion, special send a text

just finished what he should do today, and in July 5th he could get his diploma and degree, and his 8 year journey was over. I learn clinical medicine, but I signed naohiro, is a unit of Baidu, through the campus recruitment of the time. Almost to my university denial, my family can not figure out why I give up medicine, in fact, I also can not understand. Perhaps it is the treatment of Baidu, as well as the computer every day. Perhaps it is full of confidence in your computer knowledge and programming ability. It’s easier to play computer and network than to face the patient’s life. Perhaps it was because of this doctor occupation people whom is too much, I go to the hospital and I hate those who pay in line program.

I also sent 2 articles in Admin5, which are made with different ID, but none of the 2 articles have any links. For why the use of different ID, because when I send the random registration of ID, and then did not remember, did not expect the future will be issued.

today see the king Wang issued about the understanding of soft Wen, I’ll register a ID, say I have to think. Vote: should we encourage and participate in soft Wen, or boycott soft Wen 

;I first came to

Admin5 can really learn something, because at that time I was cooking very, even the "keyword" is what things do not know, is through the soft Wencai slowly learning to SEO others. Also read a series of articles, "a month to build 1000IP station", seriously studied, but also in a month to achieve. So I still like to come to Admin5 very much.

through a period of study, found that he mastered a lot of things, and then look at other people’s soft text, I feel all these knowledge I know, this article out of their own useless. It is estimated that a lot of abusive people feel uncomfortable because they see people making some things that they don’t know how many times, and then export their names.

but I’ve never been involved in calling names. I’ve seen people copy other people’s Posts and change links to contribute. I just smiled and closed the pages. I’m getting used to it. Although Admin5 has learned little about it, I still come to see it every day. Is there anything new and valuable today?.

actually others text to bring their own site is "risk", to promote the general are new online website, if his idea attracted others copy, then the new threat is too big for him. I am such a "bad" person, through the soft text to capture the information, and made two stations, others use CN meters, I registered Org, and the results of my ranking is better than others.

has no place, no information, no place


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