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in damp, often feel fatigue, heavy limbs, joint pain, skin acne and pigmentation, the skin becomes rough. If the above symptoms, and then in the damp has a great relationship. If the body is Shiduqing, suggestions timely removal, otherwise it will adversely affect your health. Then, pepper to damp



to damp and hot pepper

when wet evil invade the body, it will form a damp toxin in the body, then you can eat chili, can go to the cold, dehumidification, detoxification. So, eat chili can go after the. If you can eat together with other ingredients to damp it more to damp the effect. For example, in the production of mutton, chicken, fish, shrimp and other ingredients, put some pepper, to damp the effect will be better.


method to damp

method to damp is more common, the following methods: one has to eat some food to damp, therapeutic way to remove the body of damp. Method two, through the movement of the way, play the role of detoxification to wet. Three, through massage, massage, cupping and other methods, it can effectively remove the body of damp. Four, can go to the sauna at ordinary times, can also remove the body of damp. Five, drink a day can remove some of the Health-Enhancing Herbal Tea Shiduqing body, is also a good choice.

pepper to damp? Usually appropriate to eat some pepper, can play the role of removing Shiduqing body, therefore, that body and not eat spicy damp friends, you can eat some pepper in the daily diet to remove Shiduqing body. In addition, the above method can also try to introduce these five kinds of dispel Shiduqing body, the effect is very good.