When you reach P million, whether you can do full-time webmaster

full-time webmaster, SOHO family, these words will make friends feel a little excited,.

?Many webmaster friends

I know are full-time website. However I am not. I don’t know how to do that on the line to 10000 income.IP me, I often like this.

relationship between IP and the ratio of RMB

a few days ago, a good friend Li Hui published an experience of his own talk, which talked about his IP million, and then receive about 200 per day, so that is able to do full-time webmaster,.

IP but his many SEO, I don’t know if it is stable, I think Baidu GG is an unreliable, in ROBOT inside and a refusal to give Baidu like that for 51, so the flow may be the most stable, if that IP million I may PV is ten times of IP, that should be very valuable.


that’s pretty sure you can be a full-time webmaster,.


hope to get some are full-time webmaster of the wise remark of an experienced person.

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