Talking about the registration and purchase of digital domain name

digital domains are popular in china. Many domestic standing is the digital domain name. Such as, hao123 and so on. Why is digital domain so attractive?

digital domain names have a broader market in China than in other countries. There are three reasons: first, because the Chinese pronunciation of numbers is generally shorter than that of other countries, it is also easier to remember. In particular, a number of repeated combinations (3333), the continuous number of combinations (1516), so that people can do a listen to cooked, do not remember. The two is a combination of numbers that can produce homophonic effects, which lead to people’s associations and beautiful imagination. For example: 1516, "to me first class" homophonic, and make people produce "fifteen moon sixteen round" poetic reverie, so is a good domain name.

What should

pay attention to when registering or buying a digital domain name,

?One is to remember

. This is the most important principle. Once you can’t remember the domain name, you’d better not register or buy it. That’s the most important thing. Otherwise, we lose the meaning of the registered digital domain name.

two is short. Digital domain names and other domain names can not be long, it is better to control below five digits.

three makes sense. Although the number is the number of purposes, but if there is a homonym, we can give it a certain meaning. On the basis of adhering to the above two principles, we should strive to make the digital domain name express some significance.

four is to innovate. The combination of numbers and letters can be used to innovate and broaden the scope of the selection of digital domains.

Digital domain name easy to remember

registered to now has been basically no, I’m afraid we most need to go to the market to buy. This requires that we keep your eyes, careful identification, we can get the digital domain name we like.


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