How about matador steak

bullfight is a very famous entertainment in Spain, the matador steak originated in spain. Cross border business is also starting from the island of Taiwan, from the beginning of the establishment has been one of the most influential steak restaurant in Taiwan, the franchise extended to more than and 50. After 99 years in Shanghai, has been able to provide people with high quality food and enrich people’s lives well received.

matador steak meal characteristics

matador steak is authentic authentic steak, from feeding (grain captive) to the product to each of the processes before the guests, we have to maintain the nutrition steak as the core, without any pickling and destroy the flavor of the steak, juice and nutritional ingredients completely preserved! With all the restaurant’s special steak sauce in the original taste of the steak, its taste and nutritional value is much more than other similar marinated steak, you can not miss the delicacy is expert selection, to provide health, nutrition for consumers, delicious food quality, is our pursuit of the tireless efforts of


matador company to provide a rich variety of species, the first nine United States and selected steak, in addition to a series of Pork Chop, chicken, lamb chops, seafood dishes single supply. In particular, grilled beef steak, authentic, succulent, juicy, distinctive. After all the steak barbecue, steaming hot, fragrant smell, appetite open. In order to provide better service quality of product segments, launched a special variety of delicacy cuisine "restaurants, seafood salad steak Bacera" for more young people to affordable route, provide abundant and affordable delicacy, become the young friends nearby dinner leisure farm. In 2001, matador chain in order to expand the western market steak, and strive to design ideas, the introduction of different combinations of meals, and Western style steak with a variety of self-help salad perfect combination.

join fee: more than 1 million yuan


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