Open a logistics distribution station market wealth

believe that many people in the shopping when they encountered such an embarrassment, if your position can be relatively prosperous, express delivery, good service attitude, but if you are in the remote location, not only can not be sent home, but also poor attitude. Because of this, now venture to open a logistics distribution station is actually a good choice.

"last mile" roadblock

‘s so-called "last mile" is actually a general term, referring to the distance from the logistics distribution station to the customer.

may be a lot of people have had such an embarrassing experience, happy to buy goods through the network, intends to mail to his hometown, but the courier company to the customer’s home location too biased to send, and refused.

In fact, this is not the

express company diandaqike, but actually because some areas too, distribution is not perfect, they can not be sent. The author on this issue visited several well-known domestic courier company, the conclusion is the same. Because:

is the three or four line of the city, and the rural market for a long time, lower income, traffic is not convenient, for the courier company is a "thankless" business, such as in a second tier city, a parcel courier can earn 1 to 2 yuan, while the three or four line city, because fare increase, a parcel, courier can only earn a few cents, or even lose money, so they are not willing to enter.

two is a wide area, not concentrated, high distribution costs. The three or four line of the city and countryside express distribution as a second tier city that most couriers riding electric cars ten minutes door-to-door, may need more than half an hour to drive in these areas can be sent to. In addition, if the recipient is not, but also need to run repeatedly, such a high cost of distribution.

and these problems, are pointing to a source, that is not enough distribution points, if its distribution network can be done in each country has a distribution point, then the last mile problem will be solved. But this raises another paradox – high distribution costs. Do not look at the last mile of the work is very simple, but the cost of the entire logistics and distribution costs accounted for more than 30%.

huge business opportunities, giant has begun preparations for

so three or four lines of urban and rural areas of the logistics and distribution market in the end how much? To the main logistics and distribution – online shopping market, for example, like Gansu, in addition to Lanzhou, a single day turnover of nearly 190 million yuan. At the same time, in 2012, the turnover of 1 trillion yuan in Alibaba share, the growth rate of the following areas of the line reached 60% in 2013 during the Spring Festival, Suning >


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