Six books of successful entrepreneurs

venture on the road heroes, many successful entrepreneurs have become a model of learning later entrepreneurs, their wisdom to get people’s praises. Have you ever thought about how they can do business intelligence? Learning by reading. Today, I share six books that successful entrepreneurs often read.

1. "real success"

2. "read 12 series"

12 reading may be difficult to solve all the problems faced by enterprises and individuals in the development process, but can be used as your self cultivation tour of the beacon, whether you are specializing in leadership, marketing ability, strategic management ability, or you just want to simply improve the management of literacy, reading 12 can save you up in the process of many detours.

3. "21 rules of leadership"

"leadership is leadership, no matter where you are or how to engage in work. Times are changing, science and technology are constantly improving, and the culture is also different because of different regions. But the real principle of leadership is constant……" John, the famous master of leadership in the United States, ·, said Maxwell.

4. "Evergreen Foundation: the idea of the success of the ideal company"

1994, based on HP, Procter & Gamble, 3M and SONY and other 18 industry leaders of successful enterprise research, Jim · Collins gives a great company how great the answer: the enterprise must constantly self reform and self reflection in the process of development, the advantages become the company’s characteristics. The perspective of human nature is one of the highlights of this book.

5. "from excellence to excellence"

2001 "business week" top ten business books. Jim · Collins spent 5 years on 1>


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