Cake shop cost analysis

the selection of chain stores business is now a lot of people considered to the first form of entrepreneurship, because this form of entrepreneurship than individual entrepreneurs, less risk, catering to join is a giant chain project, join in various forms, which is a form of baking. It will join venture investors ask questions such as: how to open a bakery cake shop to join? Good? Cake franchise fee? If you choose to join the shop, then, how much money to shop? For this problem, many people choose to join the cake shop is not particularly clear, today to give you one of the introduction of


cake shop how much to join the cake shop to join the equipment investment: simulation program to 10 square meters of shops as an example. Start the assets of about 95 thousand yuan.

1, rent 5000 yuan

2, facade decoration of about 2000 yuan (including store decoration and light box)

3, shelves and sell the investment of about 1500 yuan

4, employees (2) uniform clothing needs $500

5, the largest investment in machinery and equipment: 80 thousand yuan (including the full set of cake making appliances)

cake shop to join the choice of a good brand is very important, cake shop how much to join the following recommended ten big cake shop to join the brand:

Wah Bakery (ten pastry / bakery brand in 1988, Kunming Jiahua food) franchise fee of around five thousand, the company provides technical and store design. The condition is the store, the ability.

daoxiangcun (Chinese time-honored, Beijing Daoxiang Food limited liability company) owned capital of 1 million 500 thousand, and the capital verification report issued, containing only the decoration and equipment, liquidity cost.

(Santa Ana ten pastry / bakery brand, Guangzhou / Hongkong maxims Co. Ltd.) is not Santa Ana to join, in their own shop sales


: (ten / Cake Bakery brand, Taiwan famous brand, Taiwan 1980) the Ganso joining fee ranging from 15-100 million, according to the different location around the store.

(ten China Holiland brand, pastry / bakery brand, Beijing on 1992) is currently not recruit joined hollyland, in recent years they will target companies develop in the chain store management system and gradually improve the company quality control system.

Christina (the ten cakes / bakery brand, Shanghai Christina Food Co., Ltd.) and G >.


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