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normal women have the possibility of breast nodules. Pubertal development of the glands and fat less, tall and straight shape and elastic, physiological gland above the nodules outside the main, that is, between the nipple to the armpit.

healthy breast is an important symbol of female beauty: it not only reflects the health of the body, but also to show women’s style, filling its Jiong Na, charming. But due to various reasons, especially some of the ladies do not pay attention to breast health care, so hanging milk, flat milk, milk, milk and other asymmetric invagination is a common phenomenon, which not only affects the appearance, but also lead to psychological disorder.

experts pointed out that the extrusion is one of the daily health care of breast accessory four common mistakes.

a lot of women has a group of fat protrusions in the armpit front, touch, touch the skin has a texture and normal breast like hardness and elastic mass, is often mistaken for axillary lymph node. In fact, this may be the accessory breast. Buy a bra when Miss shopping often reminded: "wearing a bra must take" (i.e. the armpit Furu ‘fat) plug in

! "

however, the expert pointed out in breast diseases recently held promotional activities, and is one of the daily health care of breast extrusion accessory four common mistakes. The two strong stuffed bra, the local blood is not running smoothly, and may even increase the chance of cancer. In addition, squeeze around the areola "acne" is not conducive to maintaining breast health.

error 1 fat plug bra can improve the chest

"do not look down on the breast, it will be like the breast and mood." Correct understanding of the female breast care is equally important.

The body has two "

milk line" on both sides from the armpit to genitals, but human evolution has only retained a on the other side of breast, breast was degenerated. However, the clinical others can grow to two or even three of the breast, nipple and areola, the breast tissue. Breast disease experts say 95% of the breast in the chest, mostly in the armpit.

gland tissue accessory can occur with the menstrual cycle of pain, benign and malignant tumors may also occur accessory breast.

"once a mass is found in the armpit, it is necessary to carefully identify whether the accessory breast has a mass or an extension of the breast mass." As a result of the vice breast attached to the skin to grow, or grow larger, it will make people feel discomfort armpit, but also affect the appearance, according to individual wishes to be removed. However, the gland tissue Furu, usually do not have any symptoms, do not affect the physical activity and does not affect the appearance, "generally do not advocate to special knife."

breast disease expert advice: do not squeeze Furu, usually try not to pull two, especially in wearing a bra, wearing the right bra size and tightness, choose a sleeveless shirt when the chest size is not too narrow. In some "magic breast" as a selling point to emphasize the shaping bra wearing all stuffed bra in the armpit of fat, this is "plump chest". However, >


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