Colleges and universities to provide a strong backing for College Students

university is a small society, so that college students can feel the social survival mode in advance, in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship has entered the University, the school can be said to be the most powerful backing of entrepreneurial students.

for college students, the university is that they go to work before the last stop. In their efforts to learn all kinds of knowledge and skills, at the same time in order to be able to work smoothly in after entering society, the school also provided them with all kinds of help and support to facilitate not only for graduating students to find a job, the more they want to achieve the entrepreneurial dream provide strong backing.

4 1, the reporter came to Yanshan University. Into a teaching building, in the corridor there is a small station on the table, the table is placed stationery, water and other goods, each commodity are marked with the price, there is a cash register on the table. There is no need to buy the watch, students only need to press the price tag to put money into the box, and then you can take the corresponding commodity.

integrity station is not only a means of work study of college students, but also College of economics and management business practice base is a public welfare undertaking practice. With the help of the school, the students who have been involved in the management of honesty and faith have developed a complete set of operation plan. In this practice, they can not only use the knowledge they have learned, but also accumulate practical experience.

provide favorable business conditions


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