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technology innovation, the creation of the brand so that the world is now moving towards the era of artificial intelligence. What will the world be like in the next few decades, we all don’t know. With the advent of high-tech, intelligent era, the modern smart home appliances are welcomed by the people, the household electrical appliance industry has been booming, how much the appliance market has a lot of home appliance cleaning market. Jie Jie home cleaning professional cleaning brand for many years, service quality to win a high degree of market acceptance.

clean smart home appliances under the Shandong blue umbrella international science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., is one of the famous brands of Shandong blue umbrella international. "How clean cleaning appliances comply with the national policy situation, response to public opinion, respect the law of development of the market, and many domestic famous scientific research institutions to cooperate in the development, the development of a variety of professional home cleaning equipment, all products have achieved free and cleaning, and create the most dynamic business model and star service.

Jie Qiao home appliances including air conditioning cleaning, cleaning to hood cleaning, cleaning, cleaning drinking machine computer cleaning services using a variety of home appliances, cleaning cleaning effect of the latest domestic appliances cleaning equipment and special appliances obviously. Jie Jie home appliances to create a home service + store sales double money model, through on-site service to increase store turnover, increase customer service through the shop door.

Qiao Jie cleaning appliances has been sent to the home appliance cleaning quality services for tens of thousands of families, including enterprises, group and so on, Jie Qiao cleaning appliances join customer groups, Jie Qiao appliances cleaning has a variety of marketing methods, to clean clever appliances cleaning easy and simple operation, and no appearance fee, one-time investment, can create unlimited wealth!

as an investor, if you are on the clean smart appliances cleaning franchise interested, please first in our website below the message to us, we will arrange our staff for the first time to contact you to see the message.


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