Chinese ten sunscreen skin clothing brand rankings

beauty is a woman’s nature, many women love to do some protective measures when outdoors, this will bring opportunities for the sunscreen sunscreen skin clothing market, stable market development in the China market gradually by the majority of investors, the following small for entrepreneurs to introduce Chinese ten sunscreen skin clothing brand rankings, help entrepreneurs better business management.

sunscreen clothing in the United States in 2007 first became popular, then entered the China. Most of them are used in outdoor products, the application of ordinary clothing is still relatively small, after being favored by many girls. The main role of sunscreen clothing is blocking the sun’s direct exposure to ultraviolet light, the role is the same as the sun umbrella.

The Face North (founded in 1966 in the United States, the Chinese market on the impact of a wide range of international high-end brands, the world’s well-known outdoor brands, Granville clothing (China) Co., Ltd.)


JackWolfskin wolf claw (founded in Germany in 1984, the famous European outdoor brand, the world’s top outdoor brands, general agent: China Shanghai tristate enterprises Co. Ltd.)

Columbia in Columbia (founded in 1938, outdoor clothing brand a pioneer in the production of raincoat / rain started, the world’s top outdoor products manufacturers, Columbia sportswear company)


NORTHLAND (Northland in 1973 in Austria, the world famous professional outdoor sports brand, Austria mountain rescue clothing providers, jackets ten brands, Nanjing Biancheng sports Limited by Share Ltd)

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