Qinghai Tibet Railway yesterday opened the corner off difficulties

15 days 16 when, with the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau Ming from the depths off Cape Mount cannons twice by Chinese railway tunnel group and Chinese railway sixteen Bureau Group Co in nearly seven years the world’s longest plateau railway tunnel — new angle mountain tunnel on Qinghai Tibet Railway closed double hole is completed.

"angle" in Tibetan means "climbing the ladder". The new tunnel is 3497.45 meters above sea level, a total length of 32.645 km, is the Qinghai Tibet Railway West (ning) grid. The tunnel is located in Tianjun County of Qinghai province and Wulan County off Cape Mount, Qinghai Tibet railway station to the ceiling between qagan Enoch station, the design speed of 160 km. After the formal operation, the train crossing the Cape Hill will be shortened from the current 2 hours to 20 minutes.

since November 6, 2007 to start the construction, the construction units to overcome various Alpine complex geological conditions, construction conditions and other difficulties, scientific construction, to ensure safe and smooth implementation of the project.

the new tunnel Guanjiao Railway Tunnel Group Commander post often should introduce new Guanjiao tunnel design for the single double holes, line spacing of 40 meters, the whole tunnel by drilling and blasting method. China Railway Tunnel Group Construction of the export section, including 15273 pairs of positive hole Yanmi (equivalent to one-way length of 30546 meters), 7 – 10 inclined 5514 meters, and the outlet sluice culvert engineering. The project department to carry out scientific research in the field of the ventilation and the construction of the fault zone, and strive to solve the problem of the construction of long tunnel. After the completion of the construction of this section, but also to assist the construction task of more than 560 brothers unit.

Golmud of Qinghai Tibet railway line east of Xining West Railway Station, via Huangyuan, Delingha station, West to Golmud Railway Station, a total length of 763.5 kilometers, the line planning of passenger transport capacity of 20, 50 million tons of special purchases for the Spring Festival volume.Through


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