Bamboo fiber products store new product display

summer, bamboo fiber products store business began to heat up, a variety of new products frequently launched stores. A lot of business with the new operators in order to win the attention of consumers, not hesitate to spend a lot of energy to do this in the display. So the bamboo fiber products store product displays what skills? Please read the following interpretation.

on product color elements of reasonable collocation

The launch of

each season product, its color collocation, the use of elements is the embodiment of inspiration for designers. Color and reasonable elements, a perfect product in front of us. However, the operators of bamboo fiber franchise stores in the normal operation of the process, according to the tone of the product, the elements of a reasonable mix, the level of products listed. To consumers to create a product rich, bright color visual effects.

The classification of

"green" elements can not be less

to safflower greenery can be even more delicate and delightful. The combination of bamboo fiber products, but also the need for green foil. Different products can be used for different accessories to embellishment. In contrast to the color, to highlight the advantages of the product.

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