Neiwaijianxiu to create a plateau beautiful countryside

March 27th, Su Rong, deputy secretary of the city held a forum to promote the construction of the plateau beautiful countryside, and made an important speech.

Su Rong proposed, should attach great importance to promoting the plateau beautiful countryside construction work, all localities and departments must stand in the global perspective to understand and grasp the work, take it as I do, "three agriculture", an important carrier in the construction of "life of the city, the city of happiness", and further increase the funds investment, take effective measures to promote the construction work.

Su Rong, to deeply understand and correctly grasp the connotation of the construction of the beautiful countryside plateau, beautiful countryside should be an extension of the new socialist countryside and development process, beautiful countryside construction is an organic process of coexistence in harmony with nature, material and culture together to enhance the production and life, improve the synchronization. The four "special" of plateau beautiful countryside should be reflected in the external beauty and inner beauty of the countryside. We should respect the laws of science, promote pragmatic plateau beautiful countryside construction projects, in advancing the process, we must follow the law, scientific planning, focus, flow, overall progress, highlight the ecological priority, the overall improvement of rural environment; prominent industry support, to speed up the development of rich people industry; highlight the coordinated development, and promote rural construction. To co-ordinate and promote the formation of the plateau, the beautiful countryside construction work force, this year the city of plateau beautiful countryside construction involving a total of 58 villages, time tight, heavy task, the county and city departments must attach great importance to adhere to the "one" personally, to strictly implement the work responsibilities, give full play to the main role of farmers, establish and perfect the long-term mechanism, work arrangement, financial integration, poverty efforts, to jointly promote the. We should build and develop our rural areas so that the people can live a happier life.

meeting, Wang Ping, deputy mayor of the city to promote the beautiful rural construction of the plateau made specific arrangements.



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