Our province focuses on the use of the legal unit of measurement in the field of press and publicati

for the implementation of the "People’s Republic of China measurement Law", guarantee the unified national system of units of measurement, improve the social awareness of legal metrology, to further promote the proper use of legal units of measurement in the news media and publishing, television, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the provincial cultural office and the provincial press and Publication Bureau recently on the use of Radio Film and television news on the province’s legal units of measurement the field of television, publishing, for the supervision and inspection.

The supervision and inspection of

were involved in the province’s news, publishing, television 10 units, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision from the professional and technical personnel and Culture Press and Publication Bureau and the Provincial Bureau of Radio Film and television of the expert group, to the Qinghai people’s Publishing House Ltd., Qinghai daily newspaper, Qinghai, West City and Qinghai radio and television legal newspaper Taiwan conducted on-site checks. The spot of science and technology books 6; published in the 2015 issue of the "Qinghai daily", "west Metropolis Daily", "Qinghai Legal Daily" 36 copies; 3 channel 2015 Qinghai radio and television news broadcast, advertising and integrated program 155. A total sample of 4941 units of measurement, the correct use of the legal measurement units 3955, the correct rate is 80%; the use of illegal units (not as a writing error statistics) 986, the error rate is 20%, issued a rectification notice ordered 5 copies.

through the supervision and inspection, to further enhance the province’s press and publishing units to fulfill legal obligations and social responsibility consciousness, effectively and urge them to strictly implement the news published "three trial" system, to eliminate the use of illegal units of measurement and writing is not standardized phenomenon.



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