Our province 12th Five-Year unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions assessment results are good

7 month 13 days to 14 days, the deputy director of the National Climate Center Xu Huaqing is the ninth national strategic assessment team leader, the completion of emission reduction targets to carry out on-site assessment work in our province, "12th Five-Year" unit GDP carbon dioxide. Audited materials, field visits, feedback and other aspects of the assessment team believes that the province is better to complete the 12th Five-Year target task, the preliminary assessment results are good.

assessment team arrived in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture ecological photovoltaic industrial park, site visits, listened carefully to the introduction of specific person in charge of the park of the park vigorously implement the green low-carbon measures in the process of construction and production in the future, the park low-carbon development path of the guide. 14 afternoon, the provincial government held in 12th Five-Year, the unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions reduction target responsibility assessment feedback.

, the assessment team of our province "12th Five-Year" during the period of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP to reduce the target completion of fully affirmed, the participants agreed that Qinghai as the source of Sanjiang, actively respond to climate change, and the low carbon development work into the whole process of economic development, and has made some progress. It is suggested that we should continue to increase the intensity of exploration in the future, in order to guide the construction of ecological civilization, take the innovation of system and mechanism as the focal point, and take the carbon intensity constraint as the guidance to promote the economic development to a new level.


" in 12th Five-Year, the provincial government attaches great importance to carbon reduction work around the state issued the unit GDP carbon reduction goals, focus on optimizing the industrial structure, promote energy conservation, adjusting energy structure, increase forest carbon sinks, pilot demonstration and other aspects of the work, successfully completed the "12th Five-Year" carbon reduction goals and tasks. At the same time, I actively cultivate new industries, focus on building has an important influence in the national one hundred billion yuan of lithium, photovoltaic thermal and new materials industry clusters, the upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, vigorously develop the service industry; through increased investment in energy-saving technological transformation, energy-saving industry effect, vigorously promote green travel traffic field strengthening the management of energy saving, energy-saving public institutions, speeding up the building; make full use of solar energy, wind energy and other resources, vigorously develop renewable resources, photovoltaic power generation is the growth of scale, wind power generation to achieve zero breakthrough, the formation of new energy technologies and new model demonstration heights.



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