Xining 4 caring enterprises to provide guarantees for 25 small and micro enterprises

This year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security and bold innovation of small loans, through matchmaking, let Xining City 4 love enterprises to provide loan guarantees 25 Small and micro businesses, make small loans for more business difficulties, labor intensive small enterprises to provide support, so as to realize the entrepreneurship to promote employment.

it is reported that in the Xining city human resources and Social Security Bureau act as a go-between, provide cash or assets guarantee Qinghai Environmental Energy Industry Co. Ltd., Jieshen Green Food Group Co. Ltd., Haining Datong Jiaxing modern agricultural science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. and Qinghai Hefeng agricultural economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. and other 4 companies, engaged in labor intensive small business has 25 business but no guarantee condition of business personnel to provide security, help Small and micro businesses get bank loans.

so that there is a willingness to return to the community of caring enterprises hand to help small and micro enterprise activities, which is another innovative initiatives to carry out small loans in Xining. Hope to have more caring companies joined the campaign to provide security for those entrepreneurs and business prospects have a good business projects, the loan will have, but no entrepreneurial guarantee condition of good Small and micro businesses, to help more people in the success of the business at the same time, Xining city to create a beautiful city and the construction of entrepreneurship Xining building blocks. (author: Su Jianping)



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