Xining public transportation network optimization program to the public for comments this year will

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Xining City Department of transportation, this week, "Xining city transit network optimization scheme" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") will be open to the public to solicit public opinion, this also means that the optimization work is about to enter the implementation phase of transit network in Xining city.

3 years to complete the line network optimization

for the full implementation of bus priority strategy, make Xining City slow blocking Paul Chang work, the completion of the Xining transit city to create a task, in July 2014, Xining launched the research of public transportation network optimization. After a year of research, modification, improvement, this week, the program will be open to public opinion.

three years, the total number of Xining city line from the current 73 to 101, according to the actual need, distributed in three tier network. One of the main, trunk 19 bus lines; trunk line of the 29 bus lines; feeder line of the 24 bus lines; the line of the 14 microcirculation; the park line of the 8; the night bus line of the second; the 1 urban tourism link.

follow the first open after the transfer principle of gradual developmentThe implementation of

"plan" in the process, will follow the first new lines to solve the bus Park blind spots, on the basis of the re adjustment of the original line of steps to implement.

it is reported that the bus Park, blind spots, district area will be dominated by microcirculation, small circuit models, is the bus, in order to avoid the traffic congestion caused by the main line after the difficult problem of the car, and shorten the;


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