Why can’t honest people make big money

describe a personal advantage, "honest" this word is often a lot of people are willing to commendatory terms, by such evaluation. In short, for a long time, a word is always a commendatory existence. But I do not know what time, I began to become a derogatory term, especially when it is money and pull together.

in my opinion, I have two kinds of understanding, one is honest, one is dull. Just think, when will we say a person, "you’re really honest!" Certainly some of his actions could not stand, turn iron into steel said. We need to be honest but not inflexible spirit, honest behavior, so that a person is too honest not to earn money there is a certain reason.

01, too too observant of conventional standards.

into the community, we are in their own way to fight, make money. Why do some people can build up the family fortunes some people are always in a well-off, struggling on the edge. If you look closely, you can see that those who struggle are too honest, the way to make money is too conservative. In addition to wage income, they will not study the wealth of other value-added channels, even with the status quo, and work hard to think too observant of conventional standards. promotion and salary raise.

don’t despise honest people, only in the money to see the ability of age, it is more love input-output ratio to maximize flexibility, so can only die work, honest people become dry or oppressed groups. For those who do not complain, in their own positions very honest people, is worthy of our respect, but it does not conform to the logic of money. Maybe too honest people can accumulate some wealth through time, but they will be much slower than others.

02, too timid, afraid to try

too honest people have an obvious feature is the courage of small, not easy to try. For financial management, always feel that the money will be considered, when the money, how much money is money? So, money may end or collectors, or bank deposit. In addition, the concept of financial management is that they would rather interest less, do not take risks. Bank deposit is the best choice, the balance of treasure class monetary fund can also be accepted, the other may be hesitant. Although the benefits and risks are proportional, but in the era of bank interest rates but inflation, too honest people do not dare to risk it is difficult to make money.

03, only throttling, do not understand the open source

too honest consumption habits is generally too conservative, to cut costs, eyes often focus on the throttle, said:


to save money

= financial budget recommended


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