Wang Xiaodong the best business is business

2015, everyone is talking about entrepreneurship. Recently, the people’s Daily published an article, emphasizing the best setting is entrepreneurship. Start with the year of the monkey’s most prestigious sundasheng, talk about entrepreneurship.


when a story retold: Sun Wukong havoc when almost no opponent, why can the way always beat the monster, but also please God to help? Some people say that the monkey king, Sun Wukong’s opponents are "business school", labor does not contribute, contribute not fully; the west, Sun Wukong met is the "business school", don’t get nothing.

Some people in the

"force", a move a bit, do not have much better; some people out in the "reality", what is good fun on their own, no good thing is not working; some people Gongsifenming, got the idea of the "own thing", "to the public do not go home…… So by his temper and interests to work over, how much benefit to the individual? The work as "their" fair share ", work is not difficult, and excellent color is possible.


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