Do micro business which pits

said the micro business, many people’s impression is not sitting in the home do not have to do anything, you can make money every day according to sun drying it? I think a lot of people probably have such an understanding, in fact, this is the wrong understanding of micro business. Also, if you know not, there may be a micro business into the pit, and caused economic losses. So, if you decide to invest in micro business, you also need to understand the industry which pits. So, do micro business what pits?

Q: do micro business what pits?

A: the first pit is multi agent, priceincreases, is said to be the most with 12 agents, these goods are in the hands of each pressure level, most of them did not sell, and at the top of the layers increases, people are earning. 2014 micro business is the most criticized this, we pay attention to avoid the agency level, requiring you to purchase more than one.

second pit is the flicker, all in the circle of friends that I have made a number of million a day every day, basically is false, such as part of a team earning one hundred thousand, teach you a hundred ways, life how tall, this basically is the fool you come in, let you talk to others, like the pyramid the flicker.

third pit is huge, the original 10 yuan, in the micro business to sell 100, no matter how you blow, sales difficulty is more and more big, the customer is not a fool, with more and more people into the micro business, cost-effective products will be more welcome.

asked: how should the micro business?

answer: not only to choose the good products, reasonable pricing of products, but also to choose the reasonable channel policy, try to choose 4 levels within the product, like tearing nail products we spend the new, only two levels, one level is the total generation, only responsible for the recruitment of other retailers. A level is only responsible for the retail retailer. This level is small, to the customer’s product price is also very reasonable, and clear division of labor. We believe that this design is the most reasonable in 2015.

asked: how can we do a good job?

Answer: in fact,

derivative is not what, you only need to adhere to a certain number of daily promotion, the simple things to do, do, will have results. For example, add 100 people a day, plus a group of 50 a day, there is no shortcut in the world, only to adhere to the two words to bring success.

can’t be denied that there are people who succeed in this industry, micro business however, we will enter the industry and not because of the pit. In short, the micro business is indeed a good choice of business, but only to avoid these pit, so that >


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