Spring Festival stocking need to plan

Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China, is the time of the major shops unpopular operation, therefore, only the goods can be prepared in such a special day to make a fortune. After all, as the saying goes, one can’t make bricks without straw. We do retail goods in the sales season out of fear, and the Spring Festival is a year among the biggest sales season, during the Spring Festival sold goods worth the usual two or three months of sales.

so, before the Spring Festival, our retail business to do the top priority is: do a good job planning, advance stocking. Spring Festival stocking, sloppy, must be ahead of schedule, must not arbitrarily. This is I had a deficit last year, because my plan is not comprehensive, resulting in some of the stocking of goods shortage, results in the most popular spring festival sales time, delivery of certain goods less is not enough to sell, the stock of the situation.

customers in my shop to buy the necessary goods, turned around and went to a nearby store to buy, because a commodity stock, other commodities also lost by buying opportunity. Conversely, some retail households blindly optimistic about the people’s purchasing power of the Spring Festival is estimated to be too high, the situation is too optimistic about the Spring Festival market, in the pre holiday mass stocking. The stock is greater than the sales caused by the backlog of goods, funds flow problems, influence after operation and sales.

so, before the Spring Festival is ready to do a good job planning is very important. So, in the Spring Festival stocking plan, how should the retail business in order to meet the holiday sales and reasonable use of funds? This year is my plan: because of the rapid development of our local economic development, people’s money bags are bulging, spending power is greatly enhanced, not to mention in the traditional spring festival.

so retail businesses want to look a little farther, courage to enlarge a little, stocking at least to increase the amount of 1.5~2 times. At the same time, we must pay attention to the optimization of product structure in the inventory, that is, the price and quality of goods to be improved accordingly, more than some of the high-grade goods, in order to maximize profitability. Of course, can not be prepared in high-grade goods, low-grade goods should also be prepared, after all, some people do not have a high income, the economy is not spacious home, the need for some ordinary goods.

in addition, in recent years, people are very keen on goods, dry cargo, more and more people buy dry cargo products in the spring festival. In the year when I increased the stocking, stocking goods, dry cargo. Such as mushrooms, fungus, hazelnuts, pine, hickory and other sundries, and dried squid, dried squid, dried fish, kelp, seaweed, dried red dates, peanuts and other dry cargo, as are many.

in short, for any one shop, if you want to do a good job in the Spring Festival sales, stocking work is really very important. Moreover, we need to do more planning, so as to make the work done more in place. So, >


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