Let your 10 venture flourishes

for many people, entrepreneurs need to find opportunities, especially a lot of people want to achieve the ultimate goal of getting rich through entrepreneurship in such a way, the next Xiaobian to say that some of the more amazing entrepreneurial projects will help you overnight.

1, professional tutor website Q & a big money

2006, only 24 years old Nick Kilsyros and Sean mickles founded "student millionaire" website. After the registration of this site, you can paste the problem on the site, and are willing to pay the price tag, and then wait for the experts to answer for you, or by the site is responsible for looking for a tutor. When the problem is solved, the student rich website to extract 18% of the transaction as a commission.

2, Nanjing guy to foreigners retail knowledge


2007 years, graduated from the United States University of Southern California master Huang Peng to return to business. He found that foreign companies human cost is very high, many developing countries have begun to subcontract office chores, but subcontracting most big companies, and many small businesses in Europe and the United States also want to reduce costs. So, he created a small and medium sized enterprises for foreign service website, order to software design, website design, CAD design, maintenance, sales and other financial data analysis, to the telephone booking car. Now, Huang Peng customers have more than 10 thousand, the list is mostly tens of thousands of dollars.

3, a Taobao

shop opened in more than and 70

to publicize his home in Zhejiang city of Ling’an Province, pecan, Zhejiang and Anhui farmers city merchants who has recently been busy doing one thing: open shop. Most of the cattle to the number of Ling’an tycoon food limited company, they hired a large number of students in the College of forestry, 2009 recommended


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