Osaka sushi can give investors what project support

food and beverage investment to join, every entrepreneur needs to go through the first step is to find a better join the project, most of their own after a strong entrepreneurial support. With the accelerated pace of life and the improvement of living standards, consumers not only consider the fast food, more attention to the health of the food, green, fashion and many other factors. Excellent product quality, through the National Food Certification Board has the above characteristics of sushi.

Osaka sushi can give investors which support the project?

Osaka sushi catering respected "practical, hard work, responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and in good faith, and create a win-win business philosophy, to create a good working environment, with a new management mode, perfect technology, good service, excellent quality for survival, the company always adhere to the "customer first, heart services. Osaka sushi delicious mouth feel of the majority of consumers, the franchisee more and more broad market prospects.

join support introduction:

1. market analysis guide

on the new franchisee will help to conduct a series of market research, market competition, environmental assessment and a series of feasibility analysis, so that investment risk to a lower limit, and to achieve greater returns.

2. efficient professional training

UNIC will provide pre opening and operation stage of training, including sales techniques, product knowledge, marketing characteristics, supermarkets and stores terminal sales concept, product display, human resource management knowledge, knowledge of financial management, and will not hold regular customer training and experience exchange activities.

3. regional franchise

Copy has been verified through practice and successful business model of rapid

, strict division of the market, to ensure that the area protection policy, special research area exclusive generous brand benefits, continuous development of new products, high quality and efficient customer service service, target market.

4. promotion planning guidance

company will regularly or irregularly to carry out the national unified large-scale promotions, holiday promotions and other regional marketing activities planning support, and will provide special products and a variety of free terminal promotional materials during the promotion.

5. marketing program support

will use the information sharing platform, internal market consulting and product information in the first time with the customer, in order to adjust the marketing strategy, and through the goods order management system and plan marketing plan to help customers reduce unreasonable inventory.


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