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Gome, which once dominated the retail home appliance stores, but now hovering in the absence (SI) fell (Wang) on the edge, a little mistake may be eliminated by the cruel market. Perhaps Gome has actually declined, but we did not detect it. As for the first quarter 2014 earnings Gome, I am afraid it is just down the process of its the last radiance of the setting sun ", not to mention that the profitability is a kind of to make profits while doing profit means.

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since the second half of last year to Gome transformation, which released earnings are relatively gorgeous. But when a careful study of Gome associated with the earnings of a series of actions, a little bit of business management experience, can find such earnings are whitewash before, I do not mean financial fraud, to say that this approach will not profit has been sustained, this is to do do business earnings.

can in limited circumstances to enhance revenue, net profit doubled to achieve, mainly due to shrinkage and line under the online channel channel expansion. Which part of the line channel expansion, Gome is closed while the weak profitability of the stores themselves, while in the super selective presence in the line with the chain stores, in the form of these supermarkets, chain stores and home appliance products supply, open their supply chains to these partners.

The key is

, the trend of the online channel and shrink appliance retail industry is inconsistent. Suning Appliance differences aside and competitive strategies do not say, you know now even Haier, TCL and other such home appliances manufacturing enterprises have been in transition to the Internet, some brands even without the transition to the Internet, but also mostly settled in the Jingdong, Tmall direct sales channels such as the Internet, why Gome have to draw further apart, ignore this industry trends.

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