Vegetable market violence B2C highlight the advantages of fresh

February 10th Xinhua broke the price of vegetable products in Wuhan, causing widespread concern. Since the Spring Festival, the retail price of vegetables in Wuhan continues to rise, especially the price of vegetables is doubled. The same city, the same dish, from wholesale to retail terminal, the price turned more than three times. Although the public and Voices of discontent. The price department has said, this "incapable of action". But the vegetable market, but the price of e-commerce to meet the development of e-commerce based on the price, fresh class B2C development highlights.

Wuhan vegetable market "profiteering chain" attention

from the wholesale market to the retail terminal 10 km away from food over 3 times in previous years, Wuhan is after the Spring Festival after the vegetables will begin to decline, but this year remain high, no obvious reduction. The Spring Festival is the fresh product price peak, people have been accustomed to before the Spring Festival after the Spring Festival rise, fall, but this year the price has not dropped. The public price department has said Voices of discontent. "Incapable of action". The market profits of vegetables basically have entered the supplier’s pocket, and only in the vegetable wholesale market in order to attract farmers to purchase suppliers have been playing the price war, the average earning per kilogram 2-3 cents, and suppliers were made full of pockets, a level of purchase has to make a profit, and finally to the retail terminal 3 times the price doubled. This bitter vegetable, consumers suffer.

In fact, the

all over the country have appeared, holding the market supply in the supplier, they unite to achieve market monopoly to raise prices, huge profits. However, this situation with the development of the Internet era will be suppressed by e-commerce sales model. In today’s e-commerce has penetrated into people’s lives, there are a lot of fresh B2C sites nationwide, is the national team of COFCO I bought net and Taobao on the fresh channel. But now the fresh B2C development is still relatively slow, this is because most now in the market to buy food is the older people, they for online shopping is not very familiar with, but when the development of electronic commerce is becoming more and more mature, more and more young people to join Vlri to buy vegetables, fresh prospects will be B2C limitless.

fresh B2C highlight the advantages of Wuhan food house took the opportunity to develop

Wuhan current vegetables makes city full of grievances, in the Internet age, online shopping has been accepted by more and more people, but the price is a hotbed for the development of electronic commerce, the status quo of the vegetable market in Wuhan will soon be a fresh electricity supplier ease. Wuhan local fresh B2C website "dish house" is using this phenomenon to target customers due to penetration, "food directly to the home vegetable wholesale market to purchase, and then sold directly through the network platform, no supplier layers increases, making Wuhan the fresh B2C platform" food home "the price advantage, and the price advantage gradually attracted more and more attention of local residents and serving home delivery and other services are subject to the local young couple sought. In order to satisfy


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