For the re expansion of China’s cross-border electricity supplier market point of praise


from the United States, as the world’s leading e-commerce company, over the years have acquired the, Shopbop and other sites, with a part of China website rich electricity market experience, occupy a space for one person in China already, for users of online shopping trip brought a pleasant experience, and promote the Chinese electronic business growth.

however, compared to the domestic electricity supplier giant Alibaba, Jingdong, Amazon has not achieved a leading position in the country, due to various reasons, can not play its advantages and good use, but with the development trend of cross-border electricity emergence and progress of the Amazon decided to have the advantage of integrating business the extension of Chinese billion odd market, Xiao Bian think of this action must be like.

today, the development of more and more cross-border electricity supplier in the field of attention, when the development of the industry to reach a certain degree, from domestic to foreign market development is an inevitable trend, but whether it is for the consumer demand for foreign products or businesses to foreign trade business, there are large and small obstacles, including AC transaction security, logistics platform, and other issues, has not been properly solved. However, Amazon’s emphasis on the problem, perhaps to make a breakthrough in the development of cross-border electricity supplier.

Amazon’s largest electricity supplier advantage in cross-border, the current re integration and utilization, to solve the problems encountered by consumers and sellers in the purchase and sale. Amazon expects its overseas service enough in late August officially started, service areas include: for the consumer, provide the best quality logistics service for their purchase of overseas products, through market investigation, advance stocking in domestic storage of domestic foreign products like hot shopping, consumers in order to be the fastest speed, to achieve half of the week delivery, using professional buyers overseas genuine shops direct shopping way in the stocking process, domestic direct and commodity inspection, ensure product quality, eliminate the worries of consumers; for sellers, in foreign countries has opened on the site Chinese seller service, the seller registered on the platform need to complete the qualification examination to shop, but across the language barrier, the seller can more quickly and easily complete the opening process, and even new sellers meet certain conditions can enjoy Free shop discount, in terms of communication and exchange of Amazon added mail, phone calls and instant communication tools to support overseas orders in the station team home, reduce the effects of jet lag, sellers selling products more convenient.

Amazon launched

this service model, the moment to solve the logistics problem most concern for consumers and businesses, consumers are rising trends in demand for imported products, before the sea Amoy hot make consumers once keen on milk powder, health care products, skin care products such as shopping overseas, although reluctantly to meet the sea purchase needs of consumers, but during the period from order to harvest is a long wait, finally get a product, a check you have a problem, but also sent back, then re delivery and other businesses to harvest, this way back, to complete the transaction may have to toss on.


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