Break through the newspaper business A little naive

just as the media debate on the prospect of investment intime Ali endlessly, Ali in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Ji’nan and other 6 city US staged a "mainstream media in April 1st (see).

If you turn on

Beijing "Beijing News", "Shanghai times" JINGWAH, "Oriental Morning Post", "Morning News", Guangzhou "Southern Metropolis Daily", "Guangzhou daily", "Hangzhou Evening News", "City Express", Chengdu "Huaxidoushibao", "Chengdu daily", "Ji’nan Qilu evening news", "Ji’nan times" 12 front page of the newspaper, must be able to see the new Taobao mobile phone business and the newspaper strategic cooperation: the code amoy.

from the same multimedia reports, it seems that this new business will not only give Ali inject new vitality into the cloud strategy, but also let in the Internet era is the decline of traditional media to revive the force. Even Alibaba relevant responsible person also said: in the future, whether it is new release, or the brand’s clear inventory activities, we are likely to choose the newspaper as the starting platform." But I believe that the prospects for the new business model is not optimistic, the main reasons are the following aspects:

first, the code Amoy lack of core innovation is very easy to copy, or will once again become the kind of taxi software burn game.

in fact, scouring the code is very simple, the business process can be described as: the newspaper printed on the "Taobao code" to consumers shopping to wait for the goods to your door scanning. In fact, BAT in any one, and even other business enterprise can copy this mode, the competition for consumers or will once again lead the similar to the taxi software burn game. And burn after the game, to enhance customer price is bound to return to normal price level, it is worth noting that the code Amoy shopping mode is not the only choice, consumers must, in the price advantage of the lack of adequate support, why consumers continue to use this kind of shopping mode


second, the newspaper user conversion rate is low, can not afford the task of Taobao’s new position.

data from the plum blossom show that the average daily circulation of the 12 media total of nearly 10 million copies, there are people on the basis of analysis on the code Amoy or will become a new position in Taobao. But the author thinks otherwise, online shopping users into a few still reading newspapers, newspapers and a few users have online shopping habits, this is worthy of discussion.

Ali is so described in the code Amoy expectations: "it also extends the coverage of Taobao, but also convenient for consumers, people are reading newspapers and watching the news can be directly online shopping, and not necessarily the Internet (especially for not familiar with the online shopping)." From the press release between the lines, we can see that Ali may not realize the newspaper user issues a low conversion rate, especially suitable for actually offered "not familiar with the online shopping". The author believes that online shopping are not familiar with, they believe that how to use the code Amoy will be confused.



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