Shanda literature restart PO behind 10 domain names listed on the road

listed this aura for the enterprise has a huge temptation, both at home and abroad have to go to the development of listed companies. The overseas social standing Facebook listed soon, driven by the capital market enthusiasm for the concept of the Internet, the grand literature would also like to take this opportunity once again to restart the IPO plan, the weekend has been to the SEC (SEC) F-1 submitted supplementary documents, Shanda literature IPO application, several large web sites behind the domain name more concern.

Shanda literature IPO listed four Pinyin domain name

Pinyin domain name has a long history, the public is also more familiar with the Pinyin domain name, this domain name applications are very large, and in the grand literature IPO listing on the road, the Pinyin domain is also a success. In May 2002 the Chinese literature’s largest original literature portal – starting point Chinese network establishment, the domain name selection is created at the beginning of the letter domain name, after years of development, the brand needs further development in 2007, exposure to 58 city Yao Jinbo acquired the "starting point" domain name, in 2008 February the official opening of Larry domain, then starting point Chinese Pinyin domain network brand establishment.

of Shanda literature another great experience in the domain name "Metamorphosis" is Hongxiutianxiang, the site in August 20, 1999, the domain name is the creative domain name, then later got the CN domain name, eventually acquired in July 2010 and enabled the.COM suffix domain name, website flagship "tea" Larry domain, at this point, right and proper.

Shanda literature under a well-known original platform – banyan, but also the main Pinyin domain name. domain name to plant, simple image. 2009, Shanda literature Holdings RongShuXia, re create new "banyan", and therefore the acquisition of "banyan tree" Larry domain, Shuangpin domain name for a jump.

said the Pinyin domain name, it depends on the independent operation of the grand literature under the name cloud bookstore, February 2011, Shanda literature announced cloud Bookstore officially independent operation platform to enable the CN domain name is, then, in August of that year, a grand literary independence enabled Yuncheng "domain name, and exposed its acquisition of domain name in Yuncheng so the domain name has caused concern in the industry boom.

IPO applications on the road can not letter domain name

Jinjiang city literature also has a grand literary backbone, its brilliant achievements in the creation of a wide impact, the domain name is the platform to create a brand, jjwxc is Jinjiang city of literature.


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