CES will there be any future Apple Corp in these Chinese companies

"Hello, future!"

in the future full of feeling, to car manufacturers in the United States, Las Vegas consumer electronics show in the North Hall, the future (Beijing) black Technology Co., Ltd. booth off the shelf caused a wave of wave of people stop. "We are on display without the need for the medium of holographic imaging technology," Xu Junfeng, founder of the company, told Xinhua News Agency reporters.

holographic imaging appeared in many science fiction movies, but in the real world, from the mobile phone to the holographic holographic video presentation, most with the technology actually the water vapor, dust or mirror, not truly holographic imaging.

according to Xu Junfeng explained that they can achieve this technology truly naked eye holographic imaging, the secret lies in the projection base. There are thousands of micro lens projection beam in the base, in the air to form the naked eye visible text, color images and even video. Among them, the two-dimensional planar imaging can reach the level of 4K resolution of ultra high definition, and the three-dimensional holographic imaging due to the limitations of computer computing capabilities, is still unable to achieve hd.

naked eye holographic imaging technology, is only a small highlight of the Chinese enterprise technical achievements show. The exhibition, the impressive is that the western media has been dubbed cottage will be Chinese companies, from the product’s creativity, design and even the quality of competition with foreign counterparts.

booth in the opposite side of the high pass booth, the founder of Hangzhou to drive a good show of He Chongzhong, let the world to drive a good car, intelligent hardware and solutions. Intelligent driver assistance systems, tachograph and 4G (fourth generation mobile communication technology) are no longer new things, but he was the first to put the three together, launched by some friends called "the dog system intelligent driving artifact, and provide collision, can identify pedestrian lane deviation warning. He Chongzhong also had similar functions in the rearview mirror, used to monitor and analyze the user’s driving habits, the data not only help users improve their driving habits, can also provide guidance for auto insurance pricing, in order to achieve personalized premium pricing.

"we are the first in the world to combine intelligent driving with the insurance industry," said He Chongzhong. According to him, after about 1 years of their user testing, their products to reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, insurance companies can make an average decline of 15% claims rate.

exhibition worth China made be too numerous to enumerate. For example, Beijing Zhen Di technology "Sea Ray" underwater intelligent robot called fishing artifact, it can dive into the deep 30 meters underwater shooting 4K ultra high definition video quality, are equipped with sonar detection device can find the fish through the surrounding fish distribution, size, depth, water temperature, water depth and fish. Underwater terrain information.


company is perfect dreamland exhibited a professional level and consumption level the two panoramic camera, which can provide professional quality 4K panoramic video capture, concerts, live entertainment programs, all kinds of large scale sports activities in the conference, live in handy.


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