DedeCMS V5.3 features TOP10

whether government agencies, schools or institutions, are inseparable from the information, content management system (CMS), often the best choice for information technology. The first free open source content management system, has 4 years of experience in open source, from the moment of birth, began to lead the CMS industry burden, 1 years ago, a team officially formed, grew up gradually, such a young and energetic team through the efforts, at the end of 2008, will launch a plan V5.3 content management system -DedeCMS era, this is a professional website management system open, he can let us through the station becomes more relaxed.

with the development of the Internet, an information portal has not only limited to information browsing, information exchange has become particularly important, interactive has become an essential part of the major sites. There are many ways to interact with the website, through BBS, Q & A, SNS…… This is an extension of the function module.

    user experience is also very important, of course, the user experience not only the user experience, you think, really good user experience should be "simple but not simple, users see the website, arise spontaneously intimacy. This is the user experience, and in the new version in this regard were not a small adjustment.

‘s powerful function, good user experience, this is always pursuing lwash direction, some people say that Dede meaning "popular in the world, indeed, only a good understanding of the Internet surfing habits, understand the site of demand, you can become a real content management system the.

today to bring you to enjoy the ten features of the DedeCMS V5.3, let us know him, feel him.

TOP10 online upgrade function


version of the upgrade before is a weakness of DedeCMS, many users do not know whether the current version is the latest and most secure version, in DedeCMS V5.3, and joined the version of the automatic identification system, prompts the need to upgrade the function, so that members can ensure timely update of the website system, eliminating a lot of not the necessary trouble.

TOP9 online file verification


with it, don’t afraid of websites were tampered with a file, in the new version, introduced online file verification function, through the contrast and the official source file encoding, will know whether the system is modified, so that if it is horse, can quickly know which files are modified, greatly improves the safety performance.

TOP8 online payment interface, mall model

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