Domain name dispute over 90% of the domestic enterprises to choose arbitration to resolve complaints

as long as 320 yuan a year to be able to register my Google.Com this domain name, the same, spend $320 a year can also register Google online.Com, Google service.Com, Google products, such as domain names……

This is the reporter on the October 15th

domestic well-known domain name registration organization China query network. Similarly, in the well-known domain name registration agency and input keywords, can also query the domain name registration proposal.

perhaps, some people think that this is to provide for the registration of the domain name, the domain name "rice farming" investment service. But in October 15th by Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (hereinafter referred to CIETAC), online dispute Asian domain name institutions held Hongkong International Arbitration Center and adndrc Solutions Seminar, experts believe that this is a typical domain name registration induced by improper management mechanism, the domain name system should strengthen the registration management and the introduction of appropriate punishment system.

domain name registration induced severe

in addition to "Google", the relevant domain name with a prefix or suffix Google in various domain name registration organization are clearly marked, such as,,, are only $9.88, and the first year of needs 180 yuan, 500 yuan each year, charges ranging from.

in this regard, the intellectual property research center Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Associate Tang Guangliang said: "the domain name dispute resolution to compliance of the domain name system and domain name, domain name registration system itself should first solve the compliance registration system. For the typical induction of the registration agency, if the management agencies, regardless of the domain name dispute will be more and more."

in fact, in recent years, the disputes of domain name cybersquatting retrofit, emerge in an endless stream, in addition to the domain name registration mechanism role in pushing hands, the industry also had to sigh: "some people are too smart."

according to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission statistics, the domain name dispute resolution center has set up a total of more than 1 thousand and 800 cases, including.Cn domain name dispute,.Com and other generic top-level domain name dispute of 368. Over the past 3 years, each year the domain name dispute resolution center to solve the case in about 260.

it is worth noting that more than 89% of trademark rights complaints were supported. By the end of July this year, only one complaint was dismissed.

Pinyin and the combination of graphics registered increase of

arbitration domain name dispute resolution center secretary Galliani said long accepted the case, at present, in addition to the early years, the enterprise trademark >


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