The present situation and Countermeasures of Baidu in training industry

said the network promotion method "Baidu bid" should be known to every family, for the education and training industry, especially IT training, network media has become the main way, and put on the network most preferred Baidu, more and more companies of the same industry put Baidu keywords, the price is too high to be more and more, in order to obtain advice the amount of overhead, breaking the day to fight first, followed by such malicious click more, spend more money, more cattle Baidu customer service agent.

in the IT training industry, Beida people must be heard, if you search for IT training related keywords in Baidu, you will find that most of the search results page is prize.the, do not feel bad money prize.the? Their money is drifting? I don’t think the training industry! Baidu promotion costs are now higher, and I think the training institutions themselves have a great relationship.

if you focus on IT training, you will find that either training institutions have a negative information, some people say that this is a trick by competitors, or an expression of the indignant students employment. This situation is actually training institutions blindly pursue economic interests, regardless of the quality of training, exaggerated propaganda, resort to deceit, one concept, the IT training industry has embarked on the road of speculation, so now many small training institutions have to flow into it.

since it is the network to promote exchanges, then I would like to talk about the experience of the promotion of enterprise Baidu. Baidu phoenix nest on the line, although more professional, the effect of the promotion is better, what promotion plan, promotion unit, key words / creativity, in fact, the quality of key words and the relationship between these in the end who knows. The previous version of the classic can calculate the price of qualifying, but now only a foggy · absolutely ignorant of, · ·

is now a lot of key words in all walks of life, and are very comprehensive, if the IT industry peers do not know what to choose, you can choose to refer to competitors. Keywords after selection, relates to the promotion of key words, now a lot of network promotion forum advocate do the long tail word, but we have to clear the long tail words do not fit Baidu promotion, because Baidu search results are through the intelligent matching keywords, the longer the more easy to match. Take the Suzhou software engineer training ", if someone searches for a" software engineer certificate ", that the word might be matching, click, bring PV, but have the effect? So if the long tail word Baidu promotion proposal we will match the pattern to accurately. If you want to do web promotion that I suggest to cast Google or Ali Mama, that some money.

I think

do stand still doing well, our website is now facing the problem is Baidu snapshot not update, but Baidu still included my content, I think as long as we persist, sooner or later the snapshot. I believe that the station through the network promotion to be real, to do more business in reality, training institutions should dismiss.


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