Lu Xiaodong how to make your article more favored by editors

              today is a day to celebrate and commemorate, for me personally as well as the hundred million guest network marketing institute. Because I am in the Chinaz today that article submissions into front page news headlines, this is the first time to write my blog, let alone or in the premise of non Chinaz Editing Network Marketing Institute, the teacher introduce and pay the soft do, I feel more pleasure. At the time I know that the article in the Chinaz home page, the first feeling is more surprising, the second reaction is excited, third action immediately told colleagues around the share of the wedding. Memorable moment, how can I forget the recording of this exciting moment? (see below)

              Chinaz home front page news screenshot:

                value of Chinese home page recommendation – screenshot



              Donews homepage recommendation

                remember my article first appeared on the front page A5 by guest Network Marketing Institute of a teacher’s recommendation, although only once called, but since then, my article appeared frequently in the Admin5 home page. But for me, this is not what can be happy, because Admin5 webmaster of soft advertising, usually have a strong immune ability. Later, I learned that an editor from Admin5, Admin5 began to registered users of the new articles do not care if there is an acquaintance introduced is "care", but also do not always appear in the home page, the key is the originality and readability, help the original article on page recommendation is a must to the webmaster.

              at the same time today on the Chinaz net, Admin5 net, the value of China, DoNews community website home page, I really compare the accident in. Because today, I, as usual, to write an article to the Admin5, Chinaz, Ai Rui, and some other portals, community sites one by one, contribute, because the weekend to rest, I wrote the day before


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