MV video guest articles webmaster jointly increase bonding activities

MV is a multimedia network instant messaging software. The integration of Internet telephony, video conferencing, chat rooms, file transfer and other in one, with super clear voice dialogue, high-quality video transmission, file transfer speed of flying in general, support for HTTP, firewall and NAT through the unique function, uses the server transfer mechanism, guarantee real-time transmitting and receiving messages file, and point-to-point voice, video communication rate of Gao Liantong.

activity Objective:

in order to help Adsense jointly do website, increase the cohesion of the website. MV video will be free to give 100 rooms to the needs of the owners.

activity requirements:

1, the site must be ranked in the Alexa within 1 million of the site can participate in this activity.

2, a registered user of more than ten thousand people, with an average of not less than one hundred people online. IP per day is not at the end of the 2000 independent IP. brush brush flow site.

3, with interactive web site priority.

activity details:

1, by the owners of a written application, application content in Tid=183& extra=page%3D1 thread.

2, download the MV2007 software above, apply for a MV number

download address:

replies include:

copy content to clipboard


site name:

site properties:

website rank:





MV: (complimentary room will be sent to this MV number)

use of the use of the room:


site name: Youth webmaster community

site nature: webmaster forum

website rank: 100W

Webmaster: small zero


EMAIL:[email protected]

Tel: 0371-63060659

MV:72252 (complimentary room >


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