Baidu released PPS the business of the gaps of the late grab the end landings



Baidu PPS

disk has been finalized

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before entering the theme, let us first look back in November 2012, Robin Li issued a public letter that famous "encourage the wolf, out of the petty bourgeoisie" in the Baidu network, the text of the first sentence is "in the strategy, the first is the Rectify the underinvestment problem (to rectify the problem of insufficient investment)". This sentence in the background, in 2011 Baidu took out 10 billion yuan in cash for the purchase of bank deposits and short-term monetary fund, obtained the quite good returns in the financial, but completely unrelated with the Internet, and finally lead to Baidu account cash flow reduced, was forced to issue bond financing of $1 billion 500 million.

not enough cash, the result is that many acquisitions into the strategy of "injection", the injection of the object, is not the first in the industry, is a "Baidu" label Internet companies, although the number, called heavyweight, not one.

however, Misfortune may be an actual blessing. Spend money on tasted, also let Baidu pay the cost of failure is compressed to a very safe limits, and indirectly reduce the cost of correction, such as has been abandoned the "page" concept.

bankruptcy of the middle page

The definition of

"page", most people did not elaborate. The Daniel Cao Zheng (@caoz) 2011 shared a data trend: from 2007 to 2011, Baidu search keywords "game" of the index rose 2-3 times, and the "4399" and "4399 Games" index rose 30 times; "shopping", "video", "recruiting" etc. keywords exponential decline, and accordingly, "Taobao" and "cool" and "Chi" and other words of the index are more than 5 times increase. Moreover, Baidu users in the search for certain brands of keywords, like with the official website as a suffix, such as DNF official website, the official website of fairy Road, etc., but Google users do not have this habit.

What does this trend and character of

mean, Cao believes that Baidu has lost the trust of users as an entry". This loss, directly spawned two search providers rise of the vertical field, users through the Baidu search to Taobao, Youku, Ctrip, SouFun, then search commodity type, video name, travel, real estate and other real estate information in the station, the potential of Baidu’s corporate customers would be two times the search supplier to digest.

and Baidu, Taobao, Youku, Ctrip, SouFun and other sites referred to as the middle page, which refers to the middle of the search engine and the user / advertiser’s >


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