Tencent caifutong to develop new e-commerce platform PHP168 station

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network applications continue to mature, the electronic commerce network marketing, has entered a stage of rapid development; but in the past by Taobao, eBay and the Alibaba network marketing platform monopoly Internet e-commerce status may be gradually relaxed, network marketing platform, individual enterprises and companies will gradually popular.

this force on the one hand from the public on the platform of large customers, market integration has not satisfied this kind of similar towns like, all want to build their own e-commerce website independently, using their own Taobao, eBay and Alibaba these public platform prominent competitive advantage, and the accumulation of popularity, guide consumers business transactions in its independent website; on the other hand, the power is from the function of electronic commerce to the mature domestic operating system has gradually grown up, because these business e-commerce network including individual companies, enterprises and individuals are non technical groups, like the PHP168 station system is to provide them with mature the platform can easily grasp the technology of electronic commerce.

PHP168 operating system after 4 years of development, the development of the system, video system, image system, blog system, circle system, FLASH system, music system, information system, literature classification system, mall system…… The 15 module program, to include in the now almost all of the WNB2.0 function, the CMS is now mature further and powerful payment platform — Tencent caifutong, to jointly develop new platform of electronic commerce, security, convenient and simple caifutong online payment service and PHP168 ZhengZhan website construction combined with the function of humanity again, in order to meet the majority of companies and enterprises in the construction of his own company, the enterprise website at the same time, the safe and convenient Tencent caifutong online payment service easily achieve independent e-commerce marketing objective.

PHP168 station technical director said: "the Dragon system of many Internet users are expected to build in various CMS products, can appear a more mature system, not only can easily content, product management, statistical data analysis, customer relationship management and other functions at the same time, profitable management platform and can achieve the function of electronic commerce; PHP168 also create a perfect e-commerce platform has been seeking for the majority of users, to promote the ability of online marketing company, the enterprise website and improve user stickiness, so that these enterprises station is not only a display business information without the commercial taste of the site. But in the whole e-commerce platform, individual payment is a necessary condition for the development of electronic commerce, but also restricted the development of one of the bottlenecks, whether it’s payment, extraction, payment process, bank support is very important, therefore a good and perfect interface in order to pay on the website of the electronic commerce function to a this is a boost! We have been pursuing for the user, support and assist the Tencent to wealth through the function of PHP168 e-commerce, let us complete this step ahead."

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