Alibaba group statement difficult current rumors need to stop

received an email this morning!

Dear Ali mother member:


Wenchuan earthquake, national mourning. As the 9000 Alibaba group staff together with people across the country, in all their efforts to help the people in the disaster area, he suddenly organized large-scale rumors of attacks, a "false news" Ma Yun donated a yuan of money for Wenchuan’s spread in the major sites, old words, in an interview in 2006 with Mr Ma Yun as Mr Ma Yun publicly interpret out of context, to the earthquake disaster, wanton slander and attack on MR Ma Yun’s personal and group Alibaba. These days there are many enthusiastic members by telephone and email inquiries about the matter.

attack, not only hurt the hearts of the staff of each Alibaba, is the use of the National People’s patriotic enthusiasm, hurt all with an enthusiasm for disaster relief enterprises and people. In fact, as of May 19th, Alibaba group for Wenchuan earthquake relief donations and fund-raising for 47 million 447 thousand yuan. Where the company and employees donated 5 million 947 thousand yuan, the company set up a post disaster reconstruction fund of $25 million, through the Alibaba group platform called on members to raise funds of $16 million 500 thousand. Ma Yun learned that the evening of earthquake information that the whole group to rescue and recovery efforts, and on the evening of May 12th that the family members of individual contributions 1 million.

in front of the huge disaster, the Alibaba group chose to take together with all the people, and the first to start the actual action, because these are what we should do, and those in the earthquake site compared to heal people, go through fire and water, what we do, not worth mentioning, therefore, we have not announced to the public in everything we do. In May 19th the introduction and false news spread in the major sites in the efforts of the employees of the Alibaba has become the evasion of responsibility, only donate one yuan a stream. Natural disasters caused great trauma and pain to the disaster areas and the people of the whole country, post disaster reconstruction is also facing difficulties, it is very urgent for the resettlement of the victims, relief work especially hard, in such a crucial moment, we do not want to see those rumors to confuse the people of irresponsible rumors, interference and damage relief situation good, hit the confidence of the people of


19, Alibaba group was established as the leader of Ma’s Alibaba reconstruction action group, today, Alibaba reconstruction action group has been officially launched. Since the Alibaba headquarters is located in Zhejiang province will focus on targeted aid in Sichuan province Guangyuan city earthquake relief work, the Alibaba will be the hardest hit and Guangyuan counterparts to help all groups can help the region for disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction and post disaster reconstruction work, primary school and kindergarten. At the same time, currently in urgent need of tents, food, lighting equipment, supplies and other materials, the Alibaba group nearly 10000 employees in the subsidiary, launched a disaster supplies urgently needed for order, to mobilize staff of your own home tents, sleeping bags and other supplies donated to the disaster areas. Collect the beginning day, staff actively donations, has collected a large number of.


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